Sooooo, Is It Just Knife Defense Or ?

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This is a question I am often asked about RZTM (second only to my mom asking if I’m still doing Karate) I decided to start finally using this BLOG to help give people an idea of what the heck Red Zone Threat Management is all about (my mom will still insist it’s Karate). It’s not unusual that people immediately associate RZTM with knife defense. The Red Zone Knife Defense Program was the first program I created that was uniquely my own recipe. This was back in 2003 and was released on VHS as nobody was moving to DVD yet. Also worth noting I still had a little hair then. The Red Zone Knife Defense Program was pretty unique then as, for the most part, Kali was considered the pinnacle of edged weapon training. We gained a lot of traction with the elements of the martial arts community who were interested in what really works in a self preservation scenario.

The next addition to the curriculum was Red Zone Prime. This is the culmination of what I had been teaching and refining for realistic self defense from an empty hand perspective. The book which was released in 2014 has sold hundreds of copies world wide.

Because of the focus of streamlining the empty hand encounters in the Prime program people kept asking what I teach for striking or do I even teach striking. This was the inception of the Adaptive Striking Program which breaks down where the striking elements fit into the self defense equation (hint: it’s not the focus).

The most recent addition to the curriculum is the Groundfighting Overview (GFO) this program addresses our streamlined formula for what works best when the fight goes to the ground with and without weapons involved.

So there you have it. Red Zone Knife Defense (RZK), Red Zone Prime (RZP), Red Zone Adaptive Striking, and Red Zone Ground Fighting Overview (GFO). Future articles will focus much more on training, mental game, gear reviews, etc. I promise.

I just wanted to address this issue here finally.