In the world of multidisciplinary training, time management is very important. With such a broad spectrum of skills to be trained it’s important to be sure that not only are the techniques we are training effective, but that they are trained against resistance in a manner that is both safe and efficient.

The Red Zone Prime program is the RZTMS approach to empty hand combatives. Sadly, the business of self defense training is saturated with people trying to pretend that sport training is the same as self defense training and that wearing camouflage pants and black kydex is a replacement for getting solid alive training the Red Zone Prime (RZP) program is there to bridge the gap.The focus of the RZP program is to develop an effective and efficient game plan for dealing with interpersonal violence. This approach has been streamlined to deal with the realities of criminal and male ritual violence and dovetails seamlessly into the Red Zone Knife Defense Program and Pressure Trap Gun Defense Program. More than just a series of random techniques, RZP focuses on an adaptable physical game plan to help navigate the muddy waters of a self defense scenario.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Pre-Contact threat awareness and avoidance
  • Managing pre-physical interaction and decision making
  • Surviving the “sucker punch”
  • Weapons awareness
  • T shirt chokes
  • Positional dominance
  • Striking
  • Multiple threat awareness

All of the training is done in a progressive manner which is designed to take the practitioner from novice to functional to proficient in an expedient manner. Drills are designed to get you up and running with a solid game plan quickly.

To learn more about the Red Zone Prime program we suggest you check out Jerry Wetzel’s book “Red Zone Prime – A Foundation for Personal Protection”


The one-on-one attention and technique driven instructions provided by you and your staff were indispensable and have paid dividends several times over. The “real life” approach to waeponless self-defense, defense against edged weapon attacks, defense against multiple opponents, and overall situational awareness have served to greatly enhance both individual and team confidence levels.