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Red Zone Prime

RZP 101 This three hour block of instruction serves as the introduction to unarmed defense against and unknown assailant. The student will learn how to navigate the murky waters of the approach and early contact phases of both material based as well as ego based violence. This is an exploration into how violent attacks actually happen. Once this has been presented the student is then introduced to fundamental tactics and strategies for controlling the engagement on a physical level and funneling their decision making process and available options down in order for the practitioner to be able to scale up or down the force needed to end the encounter.

RZP 201 This three hour block of instruction builds off of the material from the RZP 101 course and delves even further into gaining positional control of an assailant. The student will work on gaining back control against an attacker and positional strategies for multiple attackers as well as various means of using the ground as a weapon. This course will also introduce the use of articles of clothing (the assailants and their own) for use in chokes and control. All of this will be fully integrated against resistance in order to assist in retention.

RZP 301 This three hour block of instruction will focus on grounded elements of personal defense against an unarmed assailant. Included in this course of instruction will be understanding the difference in positional hierarchy between street and sport encounters. How to deal with a standing attacker when on your back.

RZP 401 This three hour block of instruction takes all of the material covered in RZP 101-301 and integrates them into a seamless whole which allows the students to pressure test, make corrections, and test again the material covered thus far in force on force training. This course also takes a deeper look into the attacker behavior and tactics as well as learning and utilizing verbal skills pre-fight in order to gather information to determine whether it is possible to disengage or if it’s necessary to preemptively strike.

RZP Full Integration Course This ten hour course combines all of the RZP courses and is customizable to the individuals, group or agency.

Red Zone Knife Defense

RZK 1 This three hour course covers the foundational skills of the Red Zone Knife Defense program. The student will learn about the realities of an edged weapon attack as well as learning to recognize common set ups and scenarios. Students will learn physical skills and strategies for dealing with various types of assault (bull rush, ambush, in-fight deployment, contact threats, etc.) Also covered in this course are techniques and physical strategies for gaining control of the weapon bearing limb, positional dominance, funneling the attackers options, disarms and escapes. All of the strategies taught are trained utilizing progressive resistance in order to assure safety and help with retention of the material.

RZK 2 This three hour course utilizes the skill set learned in the RZK course and serves to deepen that knowledge through more in depth looks at how these skills are best utilized against varying types of attack through scenario replications. Students will also work on dealing with a knife wielding attacker while grounded (opponent standing) and in a grappling scenario. Multiple opponent strategies will also be covered as well as introducing impact weapons.


I just wanted to tell you that I was very excited about taking the Red Zone seminar. I had very high expectations. I was completely satisfied with the seminar and even more excited about all the doors the seminar opened up. I feel like I just bought a new toy. I’ve been telling as many people as I can.