Instructor Program

This page is for those interested in the Red Zone Instructor Program. We have received so many requests from instructors and school owners from all over the world that we felt it was time to put a course together so that people would have the ability to bring elements of RZTMS into their own facility. The fact that you have requested this information demonstrates the there are indeed educators with integrity who are looking to expand their curriculums and bring their students the cutting edge in training. Before we get into the nuts and bolts, so to speak, I’d like to share some thoughts regarding the program that might help to answer any questions you might have.

When designing these courses, the most important thing to me was maintaining the integrity of the Red Zone program and making sure that the quality that the Red Zone has become known for remains high. It is important to me that those who earn the right to teach the program fully understand the system and all of its parts.

Why get certified?

Why indeed? In an age where information is readily available through books, magazines, dvds, and especially through the internet one might be led to think that all that is required to gain proficiency is a fifth grade reading level. In fact, there are many programs being taught today in which the instructor has had little to no training in any discipline. To put it simply, there is no substitute for quality training with a legitimate instructor.

In the short time since its inception, the Red Zone program has gained a lot of attention as the gold standard of empty hand knife defense. By becoming a certified instructor, you will be able to offer your students one of the most effective and realistic personal protection programs available. Furthermore, we receive a lot of emails and phone calls from people looking for Red Zone instruction in their area. This is business that could be coming to you. We will fully endorse all of our instructors and refer clients to their closest resource for Red Zone Training.

How do I get certified?

It is important to understand that instructorship is not just a matter of showing up and writing a check. Instructors must demonstrate the ability to teach and perform the skills and concepts taught for their level. If an instructor is unable to meet the requirements, they are allowed to repeat the course free of charge until they are certified. This being said. We want you to pass. We are dedicated to doing everything we can to make sure the material is learned correctly. We want this information to get to the general public where it might save someone’s life.

Each Level of instructorship has it’s own guidelines with regard to achieving and maintaining official endorsement. All of these elements were instituted in order to help maintain a degree of quality control. This is in the best interest of the program and all those involved.

We have a few different options when it comes to certification.

Group Courses – These courses will be held periodically at our facility in Bellflower, CA.

Private Training – For those who are unable to attend a group course for whatever reason, we do offer private training.

On Site Training – This is for facility owners who want to train a group of instructors at their own facility.

For details on pricing please feel free to contact us.


What are the requirements for attendance?

Anyone, regardless of style or skill level is welcome to attend the Red Zone Instructor Course provided they meet the prerequisites of the course they are attending. We recommend that the instructor candidate be in good health. This is a hands on course and candidates will be required to perform techniques against all levels of resistance. We want to avoid any injuries and fatigue can increase the chances accidents for individuals and their training partners. As stated before, it is important that the instructor candidate demonstrate the ability to perform all elements of the Red Zone.

Are there requirements for maintaining certification?

We do have requirements set in place in order to ensure quality as well as assist our instructors with any elements they may need. A weekend seminar is not enough time to absorb everything. There must be time to train and experiment with the material. We ask that the instructor schedule a ONE TIME follow up training session for each instructor level either privately or by attending a Red Zone workshop. This is an excellent opportunity for the instructor to fill in any gaps that might be in their current understanding.

Am I allowed to teach other methods or only the Red Zone?

Instructors are encouraged to explore any and all avenues of training that they feel might be of use to themselves or their students. Instructor status is not a leash with which to control an individual. We invite all of our instructors to test the effectiveness of the material and if there are improvements to be made then share them with the team.

What if I live in another country?

We have guidelines in place for those outside the country who are unable to travel to the U.S. Please contact us for details.