In this course, we are going to dig into the issue of fighting on the ground in a street scenario. While mixed martial arts events have made it clear that having an understanding of the grappling game is key to having a complete picture of the fight, it is also of paramount importance to understand how to adapt your game for the realities of the street. Things like the terrain, multiple opponents, big size discrepancies, and the introduction of weapons all necessitate key distinctions between the priorities for sport and self-defense.

Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • Getting back into the fight after being dropped
  • Positional reversals from the ground against a standing opponent
  • Moving and staying safe on the bottom
  • Key reversal principles from guard
  • Dealing with strikes from your back
  • Understanding the top positional hierarchy
  • Quick chokes to end the fight decisively
  • Preventing your opponent from accessing their weapons
  • Defending against blade attacks from your ground and regaining topposition.
  • Accessing your own weapons on the ground.

No grappling experience is necessary. People of all skill levels are welcome and will benefit from this material.