Red Zone Instructor

Mitch Langman

Martial armitch rzts has been my passion for the last 18 years. 18 years of Muay Thai, with a few years dabbling in Karate and most recently over the last 4 years Crazy Monkey Defence.

Previously, my idea of knife defence was a good ol’ teep to the chest and run for the hills.
This all changed when I met Jerry Wetzel and was introduced to his Red Zone Knife Defence program. After 1 session I was sold.

I quickly signed up to do the instructors course as I needed to know more.
More than just learning techniques, you learn the psychology of an attack and the physiological response that our body goes through to prepare you to handle a potentially fatal situation.

2 years later and I have had the opportunity to coach several workshops, classes, students and clients from law enforcement, public service, mums and dads to kids.
The response is always the same and said best by one of my clients;

“It is simple and it works. Simple is good because simple can be taught to anyone”

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