Red Zone Adaptive Striking 3 DVD Set


Red Zone Adaptive Striking 3 DVD set. Learn how to adapt your striking game for the street.

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This is a program that is designed to bridge the gap between sport and street in order to be able to use your striking for self-defense. NO PREVIOUS STRIKING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

It’s not based on “dirty tricks” although there are dirty tricks in there.

It’s not a sport model although without combat sports this program wouldn’t exist. The overriding focus of Red Zone’s Adaptive Striking Program is to develop a strong base of striking skills that work across platforms. While having it’s roots in combat sports striking arts the goal has been to make sure the application retains functionality when confronted with circumstances outside a sportive context, things like the use of clothing as handles, takedowns, vertical grappling, multiple attackers, and creating opportunity for weapons access while denying opportunity for an opponent to access theirs.

Disc 1 Can You Make It Land? Can You Make It Hurt?

  • Building a mobile striking platform
  •  Fundamental strikes
  • Fundamental Defense in long and midrange (and why this area sucks)
  • Hitting on the move
  • Using strikes and pressure to regain positional dominance
  • Countering Takedowns
  • Positional Dominance in Attached Striking
  • Adding elbows and knees
  • Surviving and overcoming sucker punch or “wave” attacks
  • Creating opportunities for escape (punching a hole)

Disc 2 Hit When They Want to Hold; Hold When They Want to Hit

  • Inside Detached Striking
  • Controlling head position in close quarters
  • Sneaky Strikes to Shut Down Takedown Attempts
  • Headbutt awareness and placement
  • Hitting When Your Opponent Wants to Hold
  • Shutting Down Clinch Attempts
  • Getting Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations
  • Dominating the “Inside Game”

Disc 3 Fighting in a Spiderweb

  • “Scientific Hockey Fighting”
  • Learning to Utilize Handles for Positional Dominance
  • Striking From Control Without Getting Hit
  • Escaping Your Opponent’s Grip
  • Escaping Clinch Entanglement When Your Opponent Is Hugging with Cloth