Red Zone 2 Day Adaptive Striking & GFO Seminar in Boerne, TX


Red Zone 2 day Seminar. Day 1 – Adaptive Striking and Day 2 – Ground Fighting Overview.


February 17th-18th 2024
Time: 8am-4:00pm

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2 Day Adaptive Striking and Ground Fighting Overview Seminar in Boerne, TX

February 17th-18th 2024

Time: 8am-4:00pm
Tuition – $350

Day 1 – Adaptive Striking

This is a course that is designed to bridge the gap between sport and street in order to be able to use your striking for self defense. NO PREVIOUS STRIKING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.It’s not based on “dirty tricks” although there are dirty tricks in there.
It’s not a sport model although without combat sports this program wouldn’t exist.

The overriding focus of Red Zone’s Adaptive Striking Program is to develop a strong base of striking skills that work across platforms. While having it’s roots in combat sports striking arts the goal has been to make sure the application retains functionality when confronted with circumstances outside a sportive context, things like the use of clothing as handles, takedowns, vertical grappling, multiple attackers, and creating opportunity for weapons access while denying opportunity for an opponent to access theirs.

Skills included:

  • Building a mobile striking platform
  • Fundamental strikes
  • Fundamental Defense in long and midrange (and why this area sucks)
  • Hitting on the move
  • Using strikes and pressure to regain positional dominance
  • Countering Takedowns
  • Positional Dominance in Attached Striking
  • Adding elbows and knees
  • Surviving and overcoming sucker punch or “wave” attacks
  • Creating opportunities for escape (punching a hole)
  • Pre-emptive offense

All of the above skills are broken down into phases to help students retain the information. Training begins with a conceptual overview followed by introduction of techniques. Techniques are then practiced in a variety of drills using progressive resistance. Finally, the new skills are drilled in context.


Grindhouse Training Facility
645 South School Street Suite 301 Boerne, TX 78006
Contact Jerry Wetzel for more detail 562-208-1771

Day 2 – Ground Fighting Overview

In this course we are going to dig into the issue of fighting on the ground in a street scenario. While mixed martial arts events have made it clear that having an understanding of the grappling game is key to having a complete picture of the fight, it is also of paramount importance to understand how to adapt your game for the realities of the street. Things like the terrain, multiple opponents, big size discrepancies, and the introduction of weapons all necessitate key distinctions between the priorities for sport and self defense.

Skills Included:

  • Getting back into the fight after being dropped
  • Positional reversals from the ground against a standing opponent
  • Moving and staying safe on the bottom
  • Key reversal principles from guard
  • Dealing with strikes from your back
  • Understanding the top positional hierarchy
  • Quick chokes to end the fight decisively
  • Preventing your opponent from accessing their weapons
  • Accessing our own weapons from entanglement
  • Defending against blade attacks from your ground and regaining top position.

No grappling experience is necessary. People of all skill levels are welcome and will benefit from this material.