Red Zone Training

Private Training

Private training is an excellent way to get one-on-one instruction in any element of the RZTMS curriculum. Private training allows you to get in there and really fine tune any specific trouble areas you might have and get them ironed out. This is not always possible in a group or seminar setting. Private training allows you to customize your training to your specific situation or to your agencies specific policies and procedures.

Red Zone Seminars

Seminars are an excellent way to train Red Zone with a group or integrate Red Zone training in your exiting curriculum. Red Zone instructors are available for public, semi-public, and private seminars for civilian, military, and police audiences.  Red Zone seminars cover Red Zone Prime, Red Zone Knife Defense, and Pressure Trap Gun Defense.

Instructor Training

We have received so many requests from instructors and school owners from all over the world that we felt it was time to put a course together so that people would have the ability to bring elements of RZTMS into their own facility. When designing these courses, the most important thing to me was maintaining the integrity of the Red Zone program and making sure that the quality that the Red Zone has become known for remains high.