Pressure Trap Gun Defense

gun2 The Pressure Trap Gun Defense method is utterly unique in the self-defense world. It was created from the ground up with Secret Service personnel, based on real-world experience and the analyzing and performance of countless hours of full contact force on force training for one purpose: to allow someone of any size to disarm a resisting opponent. Does not rely on interrupting the weapon function. Works regardless of size or strength. Safer to train (no broken index fingers or ripped skin from the front sight post!) Works even if the opponent is actively resisting. Works even on two handed grips. Principle-based, allowing you to make up your own disarms in a chaotic situation. Maintains control of the opponent after the disarm. No memorization of endless scenarios. Explains the “why” of certain methods over others. Teaches how such scenarios even happen, and how to catch them early. Fits seamlessly with Red Zone knife defense. Innovative methods to “funnel” the opponent’s options to make the disarm easier. Is forgiving. In this method, if you don’t at first succeed, you’re still alive to try again. Works against strikes with the free hand. Works against weapon switch. Teaches how to deal with the stiff-arm and bladed stance, even when he’s grabbing your shirt. How knowing where to look for the disarm (it’s not where you think) affects your timing and makes you seem lightning fast. “Red Zone” hostage-style scenarios.